report the former commander of Narathiwat and those Involved in drug gangs – firearm trafficking

A team of police investigators and the Narathiwat Provincial Area Administrative Department. bribes for drug traffickers and weapons of war There was a resolution to inform the former governor of Narathiwat Province and those Ready to propose disciplinary action to more than 10 police officers

Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakpal, Deputy Commissioner of the National Police Announcement to prosecute the commander of Narathiwat - Superintendent Tak Bai and hundreds of shifts in the case of asking for money to help the accused of drug crimes. and weapons of war As a result on October 10, 2022, Mr. Achariya Ruangratanapong President of Crime Victims Assistance Club has submitted a letter with evidence documents to Pol. Gen. Damrongsak Kittipraphat, Commissioner of Police, asked to investigate the case of police officers in Narathiwat province. Involved in soliciting bribes in exchange for providing assistance to drug offenders and firearms of war so as not to be prosecuted. News source cards or push cards are issued to facilitate drug traffickers. Including the case of assassination of police officers in the area of the police station. Su-ngai Kolok, as well as government officials who assisted in issuing firearm possession licenses to drug traffickers Initially, it was found that there was a fact that government officials were involved and assisted the accused according to the evidence received from Mr. Achariya.

Later, the commander-in-chief of the police ordered the appointment of investigative officers. to seek facts and collect evidence for such investigations, with Pol.Lt.Gen. Observing and assembling evidence in 4 issues, issue 1: the case of the assassination case of Sgt. Later, Mr. Hafitt, 19, was arrested. The accused alleged that he was hired by Mr. Chayanon, 25, but Pol. returned to help until Mr. Chayanon not be prosecuted by law

Issue 2: In the case of Su-ngai Kolok District Chief Firearms possession licenses must be issued to suspects with a history of drug-related crimes. There are no background checks and multiple cylinders are issued to a single person. with a license issued to the accused up to 3 cylinders within a single day From the investigation, it was found that Mr. Chayanon, the accused, knew the Sheriff of Su-ngai Kolok District. (The position at that time) by coordinating to apply for a license to own and use firearms or a Por. 4 license, with a payment of a facilitation fee of 5,000-10,000 baht per cylinder, amounting to 7 cylinders, a total of 40,000 baht.

Issue 3: In the case of Pol. Maj. Gen. Wasamae and others helping the accused to escape from prosecution. From the investigation, it was found that on December 6, 2021, the police officer Provincial Police Commissioner, Songkhla Province in conjunction with ONCB officials and military personnel Jointly arrested Mr. Ashi, 33, with 128 kg of compressed marijuana sent to prosecute Tak Bai Police Station, Narathiwat Province. Asked the accused to implicate that he was hired by Mr. Chayanon. to transport such marijuana to Malaysia Officers have therefore investigated and gathered evidence. until later on June 8 2022 A search warrant was issued for Mr. Chayanon's house. Mr. Chayanon and 6 people were found with AK-47 firearms, shotguns. and a total of 3 short-barreled pistols were arrested and prosecuted. But later, investigators Instead, he ordered not to sue Mr. Chayanon and others, but ordered to sue only 1 of the accused. The investigation into the case revealed a connection between the police and the accused group. Both in terms of telephone communication and financial routes. Therefore, it is believed that the accused has been rescued from prosecution.

and issue 4, in the case of Maj. Gen. Wasame Sa and the former commander of the Narathiwat Provincial Police. Has issued a news source card or a push card, which shows the name and phone number of Maj. Gen. Waesamae, which will be used to show to the police. in order to be facilitated in the event of being summoned for inspection Make the accused dare to carry firearms in public without fear of the law. and causing bodily harm Security guard at Su-ngai Kolok Hospital In the aforementioned case, it was found that investigators had interfered with their discretion in the proceedings of the case by Pol. Maj. Gen. Wasamae. There is a call to order to change the circumstances of the case. in order to benefit the accused Such behavior of Maj. Gen. Wasmae made the police officers in the area Narathiwat Province Perform duties with greater difficulty

However, 4 issues that Mr. Genius Make observations and give evidence to the investigative team. gather evidence and seek facts Recently, the investigation team has resolved to prosecute the accused, both criminal and disciplinary cases. Criminal cases consist of Pol. Lt. Gen. Wasamaesa and former Narathiwat Police Chief, Pol. Col. Narawee Binwae-arong. Superintendent of Tak Bai Police Station, Narathiwat Province, Police Capt. Nima Aming Wate, Deputy Inspector of Tak Bai Police Station, Narathiwat Province, Mr. Rungrueang, former sheriff of Su-ngai Kolok and Mr. Chayanon The accused in possession of drugs and firearms for the offense of “being an official, demanding, accepting or agreeing to accept property or any other benefit, act or omit to act in a wrongful way and be a justice official acting in order to help any person to be punished "according to sections 149, 157 and 200 of the Criminal Code, with a representative Reported a complaint to the investigating officer of the Narcotics Control Board on March 13, 2023.

As for disciplinary matters, there was a resolution to proceed with 13 police officers, 3 of which were serious disciplinary cases and 10 non-serious disciplinary cases. in order for the Disciplinary Division to consider flaws and take disciplinary action as well

Major General Asurachet Emphasizes that all police officers and related persons must be prosecuted with absolute utmost care, even if they are high-ranking government officials.

Source: Thai News Agency