Rice Department launches buy rice campaign to help farmers

The Rice Department is now urging all Thais to buy quality rices from farmers and give as new year gifts.

It launched a campaign, from December 19-30, to herald the arrival of the New Year by inviting Thais to buy rice from farmers.

According to Mr Anan Suwannarat, director-general of the Rice Department, the launch of the 'Farmers Gifts of High Quality Rice for 2017 New Year' campaign began yesterday and will last up to December 30.

The launch event was held at the School of Rice and Farmers of the Rice Department as a means of promoting the different types of Thai rice.

Mr Anan said these rice breeds contain very high nutrition content and altogether more than 20,000 strains of rice breeds will be put on display which is an astounding number and highlights the variety and strengths of Thai rice.

The event was also a means of helping rice farmers who have been badly hit by the recent drop in rice prices.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)