Sales of Pon Yang Kham beef spike after being served at APEC Summit

Pon Yang Kham beef, from breeding cooperatives in Thailand’s Sakhon Nakhon province, is selling well after it was selected for a dish served to APEC leaders at a gala dinner last night at the Royal Thai Navy Convention Hall.


Sakhon Nakhon Governor Jureerat Thep-art said she expects sales of the beef might surpass one billion baht this year.


Chumpol Jangprai, an executive chef at R-Haan, a two Michelin star restaurant, chose the shank cut of Pon Yang Kham beef to make Massaman curry, one of the main courses served at the gala dinner last night.


Pon Yang Kham is widely recognised as the best locally-produced beef in Thailand.


Pon Yang Kham farm developed its own breed of cattle, by interbreeding two of the best beef producing French breeds (Charolais and Limousin) with a local breed. The cows are grass-fed and no growth hormones, antibiotics or artificial vitamins are used.


Governor Jureerat said that the shank is the best cut, because of its firm texture and low fat content.   Pon Yang Kham shank of beef costs about 300 baht per kilogram.


Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service