Sanam Luang access closed with cargo containers to block protesters

Police have blocked access to Sanam Luang with cargo containers and razor-wire to prevent ReDem Restart Democracy (ReDem) protesters, a youth wing of the anti-establishment Ratsadon group, from entering the area to stage a protest on Saturday afternoon.

The ReDem group, otherwise known as “Free Youth”, urged its followers, via social media, to gather at Sanam Luang late this afternoon for a protest, during which the group plans to throw paper planes into the Grand Palace, which is next to Sanam Luang.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Pol Lt-Gen Pakkapong Pong Petra said that 22 companies of anti-riot police have been placed on standby, adding that, so far, there has been no sign that the protest will turn violent.

Motorists have been advised to avoid:

  • Rajini, from Phra Arthit intersection to Phan Phiphop Lila junction
  • Ratchadamnoen Nai, from Phan Phiphop Lila junction to Pom Padet intersection
  • Kalayana Maitri Road
  • Sanam Chai, from Pom Sadet intersection to Ror Dor circle
  • Thai Wang, from Ror Dor circle to Tha Tian intersection
  • Maharaj, from Tha Prachan to Tha Tian
  • Phrachan
  • Soi Na Phra That


Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)