Saying that the battle. Don’t do anything crazy because it’s not yet.

Government House, May 31- "Wissanu" told the coalition party to form a government that he would invite the government. can ask for information in the past someone did But should be done realistically, don't be noisy because it's not a government may cause embarrassment

Mr. Wissanu Krea-ngam, Deputy Prime Minister, spoke about the case of the 8 coalition parties setting up a transition team to coordinate the transition of the government, or Transition Team, that it was a good preparation. And he did not say that it was set up to interfere with the work of the government. Which asks for cooperation from regular government officials to clarify Considered to be doing with goodwill. and can do because in the past someone had done but would like to help make it more realistic because it may cause embarrassment to officials Because they are still working with this government.

“More importantly, It is not yet known who will become the government. as in the past Thai Rak Thai government with more than 300 votes, which is considered clear that a government can be established for sure. No need to use the voice of the senator to vote. At that time, although it was still not favored appointed prime minister I used to ask government officials to provide various information. I have done it. Do it in a calm and smooth way. There is no problem. The fact that a regular official gives information is not considered an offense. But there may be embarrassment, embarrassment, and depending on what information is requested. Please don't make this a big deal, ”said Mr. Wissanu.

When asked to reiterate whether it was appropriate to do it with etiquette, Mr. Wissanu said that the media would trick him into saying that he should not do it or not. He didn't say that. As for whether or not political parties interfere with the administration of state affairs. then he will come into administration if he believes that He needs information. Sometimes they may need information about the manpower rate, which must invite the OCSC to inquire, or about the budget, must invite the Budget Office to inquire, or about the development plan, invite the Office of the National Economic and Social Commission to inquire. But if going to make a fuss I'm definitely going to be a government. This kind of thing shouldn't be because it's not yet.

“In the past, I served as Secretary to the Cabinet. I was once called by the prime minister to ask if there were any pending tasks and wanted me to continue. Which no one knows about and I just revealed today, which has been 15 years, I want to see people in the government ready. Therefore, anything that can be mutually reciprocal should be done together. But don't make regular officials uncomfortable. because he still has a commander with full legal powers because if the rebellion arises, it will be difficult But if it is classified information from the government, it cannot be disclosed. Never mind a political party. Even people in the government can't give it. Which secret information is only given to the prime minister, such as secret statements, ”said Mr. Wissanu.

Mr. Wissanu mentioned the election results certification by the Election Commission of Thailand (ECT) believing that it would be certified soon. The part will result in the meeting of the House of Representatives. to elect the President of the Council faster or not can scroll faster But how many days he does not know, because there may be certain conditions that no one can determine, such as the royal visit to the opening of the council meeting Followed by the selection of the president and the appointment of the chairman, who does not know when.

"when it is not please has no power to call a meeting to elect the Prime Minister As for what I've said about the post-election timeline before, It is not a fixed term. Because if the interpretation is not good will become compulsory I'll tell you what's my business. But I set it in case By comparing from more than 10 past lessons that I have participated in doing this, ”said Mr. Wissanu.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency