School administrators threaten boycott of Kao Klai party over haircut conflict

The Association of Secondary School Administrators has threatened to boycott the opposition Kao Klai party, unless one of its MPs offers a public apology and retracts his allegedly offensive remark against a school teacher who cut the hair of a student.

The association president, Mr. Ratchachai Sornsuwan, said in a statement, today (Sunday), that Kao Klai MP Wirote Lakhana-adisorn accused the teacher in question of violating the rights of the student and suggested that he resigns as a teacher and considers himself a criminal.

Although the teacher deserves to be punished, Mr. Ratchachai said the association had checked the teacher’s background and found him to be highly responsible, caring for the students and wanting them to maintain discipline.

He added that, unless Mr. Wirote apologizes to the teacher, the association will boycott the Kao Klai party and all its activities.

Responding to the threat on Twitter, Mr. Wirote said that he would no longer talk about Thai education, if he cannot protect students from being intimidated or harassed by teachers, adding that he believes most teachers do not agree with the abuse of students by some of their colleagues.



Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)