Schools in Umphang district told to avoid open-air activities during a rain storm

All schools in Umphang district of Tak province have been warned to exercise extra caution when organizing activities in the open air for students during the rainy season, especially where there is a rain storm.

The warning was issued by the district officer, Mr Prateep Potiam, in the aftermath of a incident on Tuesday when a lightning struck as a group of students of a school run by the Border Patrol Police in Ban Mae Klong Yai and their teachers were engaged in out-door activities under a big tree.

The lightning killed a 12-year old student and injured about 30 others, including their teachers.

Most of the victims were given first aid and discharged from the district hospital but six were hospitalized.

Mr Prateep said out-door activities should not be held during a rain storm.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)