Second pilot whale dies with 8 kgs of plastic bags in its stomach

The second pilot whale has succumbed to its death after it was kept for treatment and observation for four days by a team of veterinarians and villagers who tried their best to save its life.

The vets later cut open the whale's stomach and they were shocked by the finding in the stomach 85 plastic bags weigh about eight kilogrammes which were the cause of its death like several other dolphins and sea turtles which were earlier found dead because of plastic bags in their stomachs.

The 4.5 metre long pilot whale beached on the shore in Klong Natap, Tambon Natap, Chana district of Songkhla on May 29. Villagers and vets from the marine and coastal resources research centre caught the mammal and put it in a stretcher floating in the sea to prevent it from drowning and, at the same time, to facilitate care and treatment.

But they could not save the beast. Four days after, it died.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)