Section 44 proposed to deal with overloaded truck problem

Trucking operators have wanted the prime minister to invoke Section 44 of the interim constitution to deal with overloaded truck problem, blaming it on cargo owners or product manufacturers for forcing them to violate the law.

The Land Transport Federation of Thailand which represent the trucking operators has offered to help the government in solving this long-overdue overloaded truck problem by appointing representatives of the federation to sit in the government's ad hoc committee to solve the problem.

Federation president Mr Thongyu Thongkhan said the federation wanted legal actions to be taken against employers who abet or encourage truckers to overload their vehicles by taking away their licenses.

The federation also proposed a ban on overloaded trucks to leave or enter a warehouse or a factory. Modifying trucks to increase more weight load should also be dealt with harshly with their owners being ordered to restore the truck conditions.

Thongyu blamed trucks loaded with farm produce and construction materials for causing most of the road damages. He specifically fingerpointed companies which won government contracts to build roads.

Mr Chumpol Saichua, vice president of Thai Cargo Transport and Logistics Association, said authorities had been wrong all along in solving the overloaded truck problem at its end cause.

The main culprits, he said, are industrial operators and cargo owners who have wanted to cut costs while making more profits by forcing truckers to carry more weight load beyond the permissible level.

Highways Department director-general Mr Thanin Somboon said, in most cases of overloading problem, the main culprit was major manufacturers. He believed Section 44 can effectively deal with the problem but warned that farmers who unwittingly overload trucks should be spared the wrath.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)