Section 44 still in force

The deputy prime minister in charge of legal affairs has made clear that Section 44 which empowers the prime minister to have absolute power to make final decision on all problems will remain in force although the country will have the new constitution in use.

Deputy prime minister Wissanu Krea-ngam said this morning that Section 44 remains in effect until the new government is elected although the country will have the new constitution yesterday.

However he said some orders issued under the power given by Section 44 might be lifted, but most would be retained.

The elected government can promulgate laws to lift orders issued under Section 44 if they are no longer necessary, he said.

He explained that Section 44 is above Section 77 of the new constitution as it will remain in effect until a new elected government takes office.

He also said that after the new constitution is in force, the government needs to adapt it's work to correspond with rules stipulated in the constitution.

Initially what he saw and needed to be changed are the selection of three independent organisations under the new constitution.

They are the Auditor-General, the state Audit Commission, and the Constitutional Court Commission.

They will be selected under the new constitution, he said.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)