Securecom Media Limited Obtains Exclusive Operating Rights to Metalk

NEW YORK, January 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — On January 15, 2015, Hong Kong based company Securecom Media Limited announced the successful signing of agreements that would lead to its holding a 5-year renewable exclusive operating rights to a piece of software, Metalk, developed by Beijing Logicquest Labs, a subsidiary of New York OTCBB Listed Company, Logicquest Technology Incorporated, currently named Bluegate Corporation.

Affectionately named "Metalk", the software is a mobile application that operates on both iOS and Android systems, allowing users a completely safe and secure channel for private or group correspondences. Metalk creatively provides local-only storage of all correspondence data. A 256-bit encryption with RCA and AES methodologies further add difficulties to any attempts to hack into the correspondence data going from one end to the other.

The local feature such as a security key to open the app itself can prevent victims of phone theft from losing private correspondence information. Only a few wrong inputs would cause the Metalk data being cleared by the phone, making it almost impossible for thieves to take the slightest peek inside.

Premium functions such as Encrypted Cloud Storage, Deceptive View and Whisper Mode, which can address more intrusive privacy and security issues, are available to VIP users.

The CEO of Securecom Media Limited said in a private interview, "With the impending launch of Metalk, we want to make something clear. We are not here to replace WeChat or WhatsApp or LINE. These are great chat apps that help us all stay more connected. We simply want to address the sore need for privacy and security of the high net-worth individuals market. The business men and celebrities who need their information to be guarded from malicious people or competitors. In the age of information, we do not want to lose our deals or businesses because we carelessly lose a phone or get hacked by competitors."

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