Security beef up in Phuket ahead of more tourist arrivals during high season

Police in Phuket have beefed up security ahead of the onset of high season as tourists are expected to arrive in the popular resort town in droves in the aftermath of the August 12-13 multiple bomb and arson attacks in Phuket and six other southern provinces.

Local and tourist police, both plainclothes and uniformed, have been deployed along popular beaches such as Patong to ensure safety for tourists and to look out for suspicious elements or objects.

At the Chatchai checkpoint which is regarded as the gate to Phuket, police put up images of suspected militants and their identities as well as cars suspected to be rigged with bombs at a board.

Business operators have also been alerted to watch out for suspicious people and objects and to report them to the police.

Fourteen arrest warrants have been issued for 10 suspects since the bomb and arson attacks in August 12-13. Two of them have been held in custody, including Muhammad Muhee who has reportedly confessed to the crime but who refused to take part in a re-enactment act for fear of the safety of his family in the Deep South.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)