Selfies on dangerous mountain cliffs banned

Tourists visiting national parks in the country are now banned from taking selfies at dangerous locations on mountain cliffs.

The ban came as now a large number of both local and foreign visitors are flocking to mountaintop tourist attractions to experience the cool temperatures and some trying to snap perfect pictures of their own at these dangerous locations.

Gen Surasak Kanchanarat, the minister of Natural Resources and Environment, said instructions have been given to authorities at all national parks to forbid selfies at dangerous locations in the sea and on the mountains.

He then mentioned dangerous locations on mountain tops in the North and the Northeast, particularly on the cliffs such as Pa Diew Dai, Kew Mae Pan, and Phu Chi Fah.

Gen Surasak said signs banning selfies were erected at these dangerous locations as a safety precaution.

He also said authorities have also built more helicopter pads on hills, and mobile medical units to prepare for any emergent cases as a large numbers are expected at weekends.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)