Senior health official fired for sexually abusing female subordinates

The Civil Service Commission of the Ministry of Public Health has resolved to fire a senior health official after the disciplinary investigation committee found him guilty of sexual abuse of his female subordinates.

The disciplinary investigation committee chaired by Pisit Sriprasert, an inspector-general at the Public Health Ministry concluded on Nov 10 that the official has committed sexual abuse against his subordinates which was considered a serious disciplinary offence and a violation of the Code of Conduct of civil servants.

The committee proposed the ministry's civil service commission to fire or dismiss the official.

The commission yesterday (Nov 16) resolved to fire the official�the highest degree of penalty. An official who got fired would not be entitled to a pension.

The decision to sack the health official attached to the Office of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health was based on statements from harassment victims and video footage evidence which a female health official had taped and gave it to the Nonthaburi provincial police accompanying her complaint against the officer in August.

The clip shows the official groping and manhandling a 30-year-old contract worker.

Although the health official had defended that he was only teasing his subordinates, the probe panel viewed that such repeated acts were serious misbehavior. It then reached a resolution to dismiss him from civil service.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)