SimgoINSIDE(TM) Revolutionizes Mobile Device & Accessories Manufacturers’ Business Model

— On-demand Virtual SIM platform now available to OEM – manufacturers of smartphones, tablets & other connected devices to generate new recurring revenue stream from services

BARCELONA, Spain, March 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Simgo, the world’s first and only cloud controlled virtual SIM ("vSIM") platform that integrates into smartphones, announces the launch of SimgoINSIDE™ at the Mobile World Congress ("MWC") 2015 in Barcelona, Spain.

SimgoINSIDE™ is a complete set of tools, SDKs and APIs that enables device and accessory manufacturers to integrate on-demand cellular connectivity using a cloud controlled vSIM directly into their products. With SimgoINSIDE™, device and accessory manufacturers can enable an entirely new class of cellular services and generate recurring revenue streams that extend well beyond the initial device sale.

"We’re excited to launch SimgoINSIDE™ at MWC, the world’s leading showcase for mobile technology," said  Eyal Shmueli, Simgo’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer. "SimgoINSIDE™ is a bold step into the future of mobile connectivity. Developers and manufacturers alike can create transformational services and generate recurring revenues over the lifetime of their devices that was, until now, the exclusive province of the mobile operators. Not only will SimgoINSIDE™ give smartphone users the benefits of a regular SIM card, but manufacturers can additionally offer their customers unprecedented services such as roaming featuring toll-quality voice and 4G data services free from exorbitant carrier roaming fees among many others. As a result, manufacturers who integrate SimgoINSIDE™ will enjoy substantial competitive advantages: For some it’s about the opportunity to leverage the costs sunk in customer acquisition and brand equity. For others its about new hybrid product-service opportunities."

SimgoINSIDE™ devices are provisioned by a dynamic allocation of SIMs from the cloud selected by the manufacturers in accordance with their pre-defined rules, business logic and objectives so that they can provide the differentiated services customers demand.

Come check us out! We’re Simgo at MWC 2015, March 2-5, at Hall 5, booth 5F81.

About Simgo

Simgo offers the world’s first cloud-based virtual SIM platform for any cellular device. By moving SIM management to the cloud, Simgo has revolutionized the customer ownership structure. It frees device manufacturers and providers of cellular-enabled solutions from their dependence on mobile operators, allowing them to own the customer and increase margins. Simgo’s enterprise package eliminates roaming charges and allows business travelers to enjoy mobile services using their own smartphone without changing SIMs. Reflecting the company’s ongoing efforts to expand service coverage, Simgo’s service is currently available in over 50 countries in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. OEMs can leverage Simgo’s SIM-as-a-Service offering to optimize resource management by dynamically allocating SIMs on demand. Simgo’s complete SIM management platform easily integrates with other systems as well as cellular-enabled devices. Founded in 2012, Simgo is led by a seasoned team of telecom professionals, backed by private investors and supported by distribution partners across three continents.

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