SMIT Launches the FIRST CI PLUS SECURITY CAM Associate with Samsung in India

– CAM with IDTV brings enhanced user experience and freedom from set-top boxes

HONG KONG, November 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — SMIT (HK) Limited announced the launch of the First CI PLUS SECURITY CAM associated with SAMSUNG for the Indian market.

SMIT, the global-leading CAM provider for secure distribution of paid content and Samsung, one of the largest TV manufacturers in the world, today announced a collaboration aimed at integrating SMIT’s Advanced Security CI+ 1.3 CAM with Samsung iDTV (Integrated Digital Television) for India‘s DTH market. SMIT and Samsung developed the solution which fulfills all India DTH sector policies including fingerprinting.

The CI+ 1.3 CAM is integrated with high level security technology; end-users can watch encrypted TV programs with no STB, and operators will minimize their costs by skipping the STB while ensuring a highly secure transmission. Additionally, the CAM fully complies with the CI+ 1.3 standard to support a rich experience without STB and even support HD and UHD if the operator’s HD/UHD content is available.

Powered by HD technology, Samsung iDTV and SMIT CAM create a more immersive viewing experience coupled with an intuitive user interface giving customers greater control of their entertainment experience.

Developed following extensive R&D, the iDTV + CAM is a smart solution that not only enables a hassle free TV setup that has fewer wires but will also assists in the reduction of signal loss (compared with a set-top-box). IDTV offers a single remote solution powered by an intuitive user guide.

About SMIT

SMIT provides devices that enables secure digital content delivery for the pay-TV industry, allowing authorized subscribers access to protected content on any device, any place, anytime. We are a global leader in the design and development of conditional access modules (CAMs), which enables the delivery of premium content to digital TVs without the need for a set-top-box (STB). Our CAMs are custom designed to meet the strict security requirements of each conditional access (CA) provider and the varied user-interface and compliance requirements of each pay TV operator.