Soft-FX Delivered Liquidity Aggregator to FXOpen to Enhance Their Institutional Business

RIGA, Latvia, Dec. 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Soft-FX, a leading provider of software services, has finalized negotiations regarding the delivery of their product –Liquidity Aggregator– to a reliable ECN MT4 broker FXOpen. With this advanced product, FXOpen enhances its relationships with institutional clients and puts them above the competition in the Forex market. 

Soft-FX has specifically developed the Aggregator to meet the needs of organizations in managing liquidity from various external and internal sources. It allows the setup of numerous combinations for best execution and smart order routing in line with strict requirements of each firm. The Aggregator adds tremendous value to companies like FXOpen that are willing to build up their own liquidity network.

"The acquisition of Soft-FX Aggregator is a milestone in the FXOpen evolution. It enables the company to achieve a higher level of partnerships and to occupy better positions in the industry due to expansion of its target audience," commented Denis Peganov, FXOpen NZ Limited Director. "We’ve been negotiating the deal with Soft-FX Company for quite some time and have been configuring the product to meet our needs. The Soft-FX developers helped customize the product and provided the required support and training."

Soft-FX Aggregator delivers high-performance and unique characteristics enabling FXOpen to:

  • manage and process orders within milliseconds;
  • aggregate liquidity from different financial institutions, including cryptocurrency exchanges, in a single place;
  • execute clients’ orders at the best liquidity provider price;
  • customize order execution for each financial instrument separately;
  • control commitment to various financial institutions.

"We offer not only Aggregator but such products as PAMM module, Tick Trader and back-office solutions that can be integrated by our clients and partners into their business cost-effectively. Their key benefit is the ability to be customized for the business specifics of any financial market player," says Maksim Faust, Soft-FX CEO. "Brokerage companies willing to enter the next phase of their evolution should be able to satisfy the need of institutional clients with the Aggregator. It is the right tool for that."  

Soft-FX is a Europe-based provider of software products and services for brokers, banks and financial market professionals. Offering end-to-end solutions integrated with the most popular liquidity providers and trading platforms, the company helps set up brokerage businesses from scratch and enables customers to improve their business efficiency. It continues expanding its global footprint by opening representative offices in Geneva, Moscow, Minsk, Kuala Lumpur.