Songkran festival celebrations kill 390 people, injure 3,808 others

Songkran festival celebrations from April 11 -17 have claimed 390 lives and 3,808 injuries, the Road Safety Centre said today.

It said that the final day of the celebration yesterday alone 40 people were killed and 323 were injured in a total of 307 road accidents.

In conclusion, there were altogether 3,690 road accidents from April 11-17 and 390 people have died and 3,808 injured.

Main causes of the fatal road accidents are drink driving (1,589 cases), speeding (1,028 cases), and reckless cutting in front of other car (547 cases).

Motorcycles are the vehicles that involved in most fatal accidents with 284 deaths, followed by pickup trucks, 49 deaths, and cars, 27 deaths.

Of all the road accidents occurred during April 11-17, a total of 3,230 motorcycles, 260 pickup trucks, 3,428 cars, 230 public transport buses and vans, and 21 heavy trucks were engaged.

A total of 5,380,482 vehicles were intercepted for checks, and 914,172 drivers were charged, mostly guilty for not wearing crash helmets, followed by having no driving licenses.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)