Speed limits imposed on Transport Company’s buses during rainy season

The state-run Transport Company has imposed speed limits on its bus fleet during the rainy season as a precautionary measure against road accidents.

Mr Nopparat Karoonyavanich, deputy managing director of Transport Company, said Sunday that bus drivers had been instructed to exercise special care in driving during the rainy season, especially on mountainous routes and to strictly follow speed limits.

He said drivers must not exceed 90 kph when driving on normal roads and not exceed 60 kph on steep or curve roads.

He added that supervisors must check drivers to ensure they are not drunk, have enough rest before driving and that there are two drivers for routes which exceed 400 kms and that they must take a break for half an hour if driving continuously for four hours.

The company has sought information from the Highways and Rural Highways departments about the conditions of roads so that the information can be conveyed to drivers.

On top of that, Mr Nopparat said all the buses were now equipped with GPS that authorities can keep track on the buses and how they were driven.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)