“Srettha” has no secret deal to form a government with anyone.

Pheu Thai May 15 - "Srettha" is happy to go far away to win the election Looking at any party with more than half of the 500 votes is considered the consensus of the people. Senators must accept Stated that there is no secret deal to form a government with anyone

Srettha Thavisin, Pheu Thai Party's prime ministerial candidate gave an interview after the Election Commission of Thailand (ECT) closed the polling box. and almost 100% of the votes were counted, that he had to congratulate Mr. Phitha Lim Chareonrat far-reaching party leader which received the number 1 rating reflecting that Democratic votes win. Therefore, it is the duty of the Progressive Party to form a government. Because we follow the consensus of the people's brothers and sisters. But for the opportunity of the Pheu Thai Party to join hands with the far-reaching how much is possible This depends largely on the decision of the party executive committee. because he was just a candidate for the Prime Minister of the party

“As for the numbers of the Kaow Klai Party and Pheu Thai Party Still less than 376 votes, is there a need for a third political party to join? I don't know, but if any party together exceeds half of 500 votes, it is considered the consensus of the people. I plead and express my stance clearly that senators should vote according to the people's wishes. I have always been clear on this matter, ”said Mr. Srettha.

When asked how he felt about going to the area to meet the people has told the policies of the Pheu Thai Party But the results showed that the score of MPs did not meet the target. Mr. Srettha said that the party had not analyzed anything at this time. But I understand that people want change. Therefore, the voice of the people must be respected. Confirmed that all Pheu Thai parties are working to the fullest. And confident that what is offered to the public is the best, so we have to talk about What are the reasons for not being MPs as targeted?

Mr. Srettha stated that Has stepped from the business sector into the political sector with the purpose of wanting to help the nation Therefore, it is not necessary to be Prime Minister, MP or any important position. because there are many other professions that can still help the country must accept the rules and the voices of the people Which now personally feels more comfortable and happy

While walking into the elevator, Mr. Srettha said that today evening (May 15) he would play football and today, Mr. Prasert Chanruangthong, secretary of the party Called into the party, however, after last night he had not talked to Ms. Phaethongtarn Shinawatra, the Pheu Thai Party's prime ministerial candidate. and did not know about Mr. Pita Lim Chareonrat far-reaching party leader Send a message to talk to Ms. Phae Thong Than about the deal to set up the government. At the same time, did not talk to Mr. Phitha. Because there is no phone number and that "I don't have any personal deals or any secret deals to form a government".-

Source: Thai News Agency