“Srettha” is ready to do all the tasks assigned by the party.

Pheu Thai, May 24 - "Srettha" confirms that he still works with Pheu Thai. Ready to receive all tasks assigned by the party Ready to show the head card for Pheu Thai Preparing to rebrand the party

Srettha Thavisin, Pheu Thai Party's prime ministerial candidate Attended the meeting of MPs and former party candidates, confirming that no party or anyone had contacted to discuss political positions. Which is a matter of etiquette and I have said that I have to honor the party that has the first vote to form a government.

“I don't have the number of members of the Kao Far Party. and did not expect that a long step would come in contact It is his duty to form a government with dignity,” said Srettha.

Mr. Srettha said today (May 24) came to a meeting with MPs. by discussing what the next step will be Which the party itself has made a business card for so that when going anywhere, there will be a clear header which the business card does not specify the location because he did not claim any position Wherever you go, there will be a business card handed over to you, a phone number, a workplace where you can make an appointment, because for the past 30 years, I have always had business cards.

“Today it is clear that I work for the Pheu Thai Party. to see the rebranding of the party problem solving for the public confirmed that he had not gone anywhere and will stay here I am willing to do all the tasks assigned by the party. The rebranding section What form will the Pheu Thai Party come out in? Today, let's give encouragement to all MPs who have been elected. who have worked hard for the past 2 months, ”said Mr. Srettha.

Mr. Srettha said that as for the issue that the Kao Klai Party tried to combine the votes of senators to vote for Mr. Phitha Lim Chareonrat Leader of the Kao Klai Party as Prime Minister Mr. Settha Leang replied by saying Let's look at the tweet itself. Now he focuses on the Pheu Thai Party. As for whether to form a government or not? Currently in the process of setting up, I am encouraged and think that everyone needs support in order to form a government as soon as possible.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency