sticking to subjugation operations “Frantic Inspector” Negotiations are not fruitful.

Sai Mai, March 15 - 24 hours have passed and still can't be detained. The police used both tactics to surround and negotiate. Fired more than 20 tear gas and sang a lullaby. but still no result

The progress of the inspector's frantic incident The shooting occurred in the area of a house in the Sai Mai area after the Special Branch Operations Team coordinated with the Royal Thai Police Hospital to pick him up for treatment from a mental illness. And stressful life problems until the police, Sai Mai police station, along with the Arintharat dress had to enter the siege and negotiate for a long time But it still didn't work.

Most recently, Pol. Lt. Gen. Thiti Saeng, the commander of the Metropolitan Police, revealed that throughout the period that the officers tried to press and negotiate. to take control of it assessed the situation all the time Initially, there is also a random risk that will cause harm. per person on duty Because the perpetrator still has ammunition that is ready to continuously respond to the officers This can now open up more areas of control. make the officer see the perpetrator Can put pressure on the second floor of the room This is the result of using drones to fly inside to patrol. But at this time, there is still a risk of inflicting losses on both sides. Therefore, there is no need to rush in using attack tactics. Which must assess whether the illness of the perpetrator How to use If assessed Real ammunition is required. The staff is ready to work immediately. The communication negotiations unable to communicate like a normal person

As for the strategy that allows colleagues to sing to listen to And there was an attack along with that. It's a way to attract attention. but from practice The perpetrators still have retaliation. Therefore, it is necessary to withdraw to a safe point. for the weapon used by the perpetrator Initially, it can be confirmed that it is a revolver type that is used in response. In addition, the sound of a gun sounds like an automatic system. can be observed from the continuous sound of gunfire But still unable to determine what kind of gun it is.

Most recently, it was reported that at 11:30 a.m., Police General Damrongsak Kittipraphat, the commander of the Royal Thai Police, will come to direct the incident. to control the situation and end this incident as soon as possible .

Source: Thai News Agency