Stricter driver theory test for candidates for driving licenses

Beginning today, candidates applying for driving license will need to attend longer driver theory test to make sure qualified drivers know how to drive safely.

This is aimed at increasing road safety and reduce traffic accidents of which Thailand comes second as the country with highest road fatalities in the world.

Under the new regulation, the Department of Land Transport will implement stricter new driver theory test and examination process to get a driving license.

Candidates for new driving license is now required to attend additional driver theory class for five hours from previously four.

Director General Sanit Promwong of the Department of Land Transport said this was to increase the skills on safe driving, to cut the numbers of accidents, injury and death.

He said candidates for new driver license and drive license holder who failed to renew the license within one year have to attend the driving theory class longer, from four hours in the past to five hours.

The additional class will cover the instructions for emergency incident such as the assistances and first aid, how to drive safely, traffic rule and law, driving awareness and manner.

But he said as a choice for the public, the applicant could attend the class provided by the driving schools or government agencies which were recognized and signed agreement with the Department.

The candidate could use the certificate issued by such driving schools or government agencies to apply for the driving license test.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)