Students from Thailand’s south win New Gen Inventors Award 2023

Four high school students in the southern province of Yala have earned high praise from Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha for winning the New Gen Inventors Award 2023 with their innovative product made from galangal (Alpinia Galangal) leaves, which can kill parasites in raw food.

Deputy Government Spokesperson Rachada Dhnadirek said that the powdered extract from galangal leaves, “Boega”, is for people who love to eat raw or half-cooked food, which is often infested with parasites that can cause diseases.

The product can easily be used by pouring the powdered extract into a bowl of water and then soaking the raw food in it for 15-20 minutes. The food is then washed with clean water and is ready to be consumed.

Any parasites in the food will normally be killed in under 6 minutes, said Rachada, citing test results.

The students and their advisors are from the Tham Wittaya Foundation School in Yala Province.

The prime minister said that the students’ innovation is the result of the application of scientific knowledge and herbs, which are readily available in communities, to produce a product which can be used to improve physical health and for practical use in daily life, said Rachada.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service