Supat dismissed from service but has his pension and benefits retained

The disciplinary committee has decided unanimously to dismiss deputy director-general of Intellectual Property Rights Department Supat Sa-nguanpakdeekul from government service after finding him guilty of gross disciplinary violation for stealing three wall paintings worth about 15,000 yen from a hotel in Osaka, Japan, in January.

The committee chairman and deputy permanent secretary for justice, Pol Col Dusadee Arayawuth, disclosed on Wednesday that the panel found Mr Supat's claim that he stole the three paintings out of his dissatisfaction with the service of the hotel unreasonable and unacceptable.

But instead of firing him outright and depriving him of pension and other fringe benefits, the committee chairman said the panel felt that Mr Supat confessed to the theft charge to Japanese police and prosecutors and agreed to pay compensation to the hotel.

Also, he had repented his wrongdoing and because he had never committed a disciplinary violation or caused any damage to the state throughout his 30 years in service, the panel agreed to relieve him from government service with the right to receive pension and other fringe benefits, said Pol Col Dusadee.

He maintained that the punishment meted out against Mr Supat was appropriate for the latter's offence and repentance unlike many other corrupt officials who never repented despite the fact that they were found guilty by the court and given suspended jailterms.

Supat was temporarily transferred to an inactive post at the office of the permanent secretary of commerce pending his investigation.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)