Supporting Government’s Policy of Economic Recovery in the Post COVID-19 Era

Thai Ambassadors and Consuls-General in the Middle East and North Africa have discussed ways to support the Royal Thai Government’s policy of economic recovery and development in the post COVID-19 era.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs conducted a virtual meeting with Thai Ambassadors and Consuls-General in the Middle East and North Africa on 24-25 February 2021 to exchange insights and analyses on regional situations, trends, and their implications.


The meeting discussed ways to recalibrate cooperation between Thailand and the region to better align with the regional context after COVID-19, with a view to supporting Thailand’s economic recovery, particularly in the strategic areas of cooperation, such as public health, food security, energy, labor, trade and investment, and tourism.


According to a report from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the meeting also underscored the importance of synergy among Royal Thai Embassies, Royal Thai Consulates-General, and Team Thailand in the region.


Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Don Pramudwinai also joined the discussion on 25 February 2021. He instructed the Ambassadors and Consuls-General to focus on promoting relations with this region in the sectors that will support Thailand’s post-COVID-19 economic recovery, especially through the application of Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) Economy model, which will help increase the value of Thai products and services and expand the country’s trade and investment.


Thailand has emphasized the promotion of the BCG economy in compliment to the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy, in order to boost food and energy security, as well as strengthening the supply chain.


Source: The Government Public Relations Department