Survey shows digital TV viewership increases to 86 percent and is going up

Digital viewership for the month of February increased to 86 percent compared to satellite and cable TV viewership which dropped to 14 percent, with viewership trend for satellite and cable TV steadily declining, said Mr Takorn Tanthasit, secretary-general of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, on Thursday.

He attributed the increasing trend of digital TV viewership to the expansion of land-based TV network, the quality of programmes and improved quality of TV reception combined which have impact on TV viewers.

Combined advertising spending for land-based TV for the month of February amounted to 5,230 million baht, an increase of 202 million from January's or 4 percent increase and the trend is increasing.

Of the 5,230 million baht advertising spending, 3,568 million baht were allocated for the HD TV segment followed by 1,101 million baht for SD segment, 169 million baht for news segment and 34 million baht for youth, children and family programmes.

Regarding viewership ratings for the month of January, Channel 7 came top with 2.204 followed by Channel 3's 1.388, Work Point TV's 1.094, Mono 29's 0.648, One Channel's 0.561, Channel 8's 0.509, Channel 3SD's 0.268, Thai Rath TV's 0.228, Amarin TV's 0.2 and NOW TV's 0.176.

As for popular programmes for the month of February, the most popular Kerd Pen Ka broadcast by Channel 7 with 7.729 rating and the most popular variety programme was Channel 7's Senthang Bantheong with 5.493 rating.

Work Point TV's The Mask Singer was rated the most popular competitive programme with 8.082 rating while Channel 7's Muay Thai programme was the most popular sports programme with 3.191 rating. Channel 7's evening news programme was most popular news programme with 5.126 rating.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)