Switzerland’s IQAir Leads New Trend in China’s Air Purification System Market

BEIJING, March 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ –IQAir’s highly recommended air purification system is being increasingly integrated into the design and construction of commercial buildings in China as a growing number of Chinese commercial property developers attach greater importance to enhancing the quality of buildings given the continuous development and improvement of the Chinese real estate market.  

The Perfect 16(TM)

The Perfect 16(TM)
The Perfect 16(TM) installed outdoors

The Perfect 16(TM) installed outdoors

New Air Cleaning Solution: The Air Purification System

A newly completed commercial building at Shanghai’s Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park recently installed the Perfect 16TM, an air purifying system from Switzerland-based IQAir AG, improving the quality of air within the building. The developer deployed the system on every floor in a move to enhance the living environment across the entire building.

Shanghai’s residents are becoming more aware of their respiratory health, as haze and smog conditions have continued to worsen over the past few years. Quality indoor air is a big advantage in the process of attracting either investors or tenants, according to the developer of the building. Currently, only a few developers in the city have added air purifiers to the central ventilation system as a way of increasing the overall quality of buildings,with many choosing to adopt highly efficient air purification solutions such as IQAir’s Perfect 16TM. Developers who choose the better grades of equipment are becoming leaders in the healthy commercial building market.

Fresh air system of choice: high performance, low wind resistance

IQAir’s Perfect 16TM is an air purification product from Switzerland-based IQAir AG specially designed for fresh air system installations in both residential and commercial buildings. Two key measures dictate the quality of a purifier in a fresh air system: filter efficiency and wind resistance. The Perfect 16TM leads in both, with high performance and low wind resistance. 

The Perfect 16TM utilizes the unique AMF technology, an advanced micro-fiber filtration system that allows air to effortlessly pass through the filter cartridge, while barely any contaminated particles penetrate the barrier, providing a 95% purification efficiency for particulate matter greater than 0.3 microns. As a result, the air that enters the room has been effectively purified.

Purified air is supplied to every corner of the building by the central air-conditioning system, with the air across the entire building being refreshed up to 125 times a day. The Perfect 16TM ensures healthy breathing indoor, through its continuous purification process.

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About IQAir AG:

Switzerland-based IQAir AG, founded in 1963 as a family-owned business, has, since the beginning, focused on the field of air purification. With more than 50 years of work in research and development, IQAir AG provides comprehensive solutions for the cleansing of indoor air, including the HealthPro series for both residential and commercial buildings, the Perfect 16TM series for fresh air systems, the CleanZone and CleanRoom series for large interior spaces, and the Dental series for professional dental cleaning environments. In addition, IQAir AG manufactures laser particle detectors which can accurately detect the concentration of particulate matter in the air.

About HealthPro® China:

Switzerland-based IQAir AG markets products through sales agents in various countries. HealthPro® China is the exclusive sales agent for IQAir AG in mainland China. Since inception in 2006, HealthPro® China has been committed to providing Chinese users with professional indoor air purification solutions. High quality, diversified products and excellent after-sales services allow HealthPro® China to make life better. For more information, please visit: http://www.iqair-china.com/