Taiwanese call centre fraud gang smashed in Bangkok

Bangkok police yesterday smashed a Taiwanese call centre gang in Bang Na and arrested eight Taiwanese who were accused of swindling a large number of their countrymen in Taiwan and Mainland China.

The police raid was described as a cooperation between Thai and Chinese police in tracking down and uprooted the gang operating in Thailand.

The raid at a two-storey tented luxury home at Napalai Housing Estate on Sanphawut road in Bang Na was led by the Immigration Bureau branch of the Royal Thai Police.

Arrested suspects of Taiwanese national are Chow Chun-Chuen and 7 other accomplices.

Computers, telephones along with a list of names of more than 1,000 victims were also seized.

The gang admitted that they had organized a phone scam by calling foreign victims mainly elderly citizens from Taiwan and Mainland China.

They deceived their victims that their accounts had been hacked and used in connection with narcotics activities.

The victims were then told to call another number which they said was either the number of the local Narcotics suppression Bureau or Anti-Money Laundering Office but were actually one of their accomplices pretending to be officials.

When the victims were convinced, they were told to forward their financial details and in some cases, money was transferred in order to avoid legal repercussions.

Following the raid, the Royal Thai Police revealed that they would be coordinating with their counterparts in Taiwan to expand their investigations.

More checks will also be made to determine if any Thais were fleeced by the gang.

The suspects also revealed that the mastermind of the gang was known only as Liang and he is living in Taiwan.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)