takee1 Holographic Smartphone Wins 2015 CES Innovations Award

SHENZHEN, China, January 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — takee1 holographic smartphone, a product fully representative of what can and is being created in China today as well as the brainchild of Estar Technology Group Co., Ltd., won the 2015 CES Innovations Award recently at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the internationally renowned electronics and technology trade show held annually in Las Vegas. The honor reflects the international recognition of the world’s first "holographic smartphone" and is a testament to Chinese innovation capabilities in the smartphone market.

The CES innovation award review process is a very strict one, with the products that are submitted judged by a preeminent panel of independent industrial designers, independent engineers and members of the trade media who seek to identify outstanding design and engineering in cutting edge consumer electronics products. The takee1 holographic smart phone scored highly across all judging criteria.

With the holographic display, air touch and eye-tracking technologies, the takee1 holographic smartphone gained the favor of the panel. The panel concluded that the smartphone is the world’s first mobile device to integrate smart holographic technology, representing a great achievement in innovation.

An industry expert said, "The biggest difference between the holographic display technology and legacy naked-eye 3D displays is that you can watch 3D content directly without the need for any intermediary tools or holography that can bring on dizziness for some viewers; secondly, with the holographic technology, viewers can watch all form of 3D content from different perspectives and positions, truly providing a sense of really ‘being there’. This is something that traditional 3D technology has failed to achieve."

While both the design and the basic configuration of the smartphone are guaranteed at a "flagship product" level, the smartphone sends a different stereoscopic display effect to each eye with its 5.5" holographic screen. This is indeed a boon to the many users who seek the ultimate visual experience. Creation of the takee1 holographic smart phone is a major milestone in changing the thinking about the Chinese smartphone industry – traditionally the world has thought that all Chinese handsets were simply copycat products.

takee1 holographic smartphone has a built-in holographic data platform-the Cloud Cube. The user can enjoy rich 3D videos, pictures, games and an unprecedented visual feast by logging on to the data platform where they can place their order. This is sure to give birth to new business opportunities and a new ecological chain across the smartphone industry.

Judging from takee1 holographic smart phone’s CES innovation award, it is becoming clear that China is undergoing a transformation from "made-in-China" to "created-in-China", as China continues to optimize the innovation environment, and the world comes to recognize and respect the Chinese handset industry and what it can create and produce.

About Estar:

Estar Technology Group Co., Ltd., established in 2004, is a high-tech manufacturer devoted to scientific research, product application, system platform and brand building. Estar has been working in the innovative display industry for over 10 years with 4 wholly-owned subsidiaries under its wing. The firm has founded an innovation research institute and a R&D center in Silicon Valley and set up the world’s largest holographic application platform – the Cloud Cube. Estar has also formed partnerships with Baidu, Tudou and iqiyi.com to develop operation and application systems. It provides core technologies and products to major domestic and international tech firms. Estar is the owner of the world’s first holographic handset brand takee and the world first smart short-distance projection product Tatoo. Over 200 high-ranking researchers work at Estar.

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