BANGKOK, Thailand A security guard at Suvarnabhumi airport was caught for stealing 6,000 baht (US$192) from a passenger's carry-on bag at an x-ray station on Tuesday evening, the Bangkok Post reported.

The 25 year-old security guard was arrested by airport police and staff about 5.30pm.

He works for a company which supplies security staff for the airport and was assigned to the x-ray machine at the passenger entry portal.

Police said an 89-year-old American traveller complained that six 1,000-baht banknotes he had in his bag when he gave it up to be x-rayed were missing.

Officers went to the scanning spot, where the security guard was on duty. A search found 6,000 baht notes in his uniform pocket, but the security guard denied stealing the money.

The security guard confessed to stealing the money after he was shown evidence in the form of footage from surveillance cameras at the scene.

Since the American passenger had already left Thailand, the money would be sent to him, along with an explanation, to boost his confidence in Thailand.

Source: NAM News Network