Thailand Hopes Muslim World League Chief’s Visit Will Lead To Close Cooperation

BANGKOK, Thailand’s Prime Minister, Prayuth Chan o-cha hopes Muslim World League (MWL) Secretary-General Dr Mohammad Abdul Karim Al-Issa’s visit to the kingdom would lead to close cooperation between Thailand and the Muslim world.

In a statement, Thai government spokesperson Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana said Prayuth received a courtesy call from Al-Issa at the Government House on Monday. He arrived in Bangkok for meetings with Thai officials and religious leaders.

He said the visit will lead to closer and more tangible cooperation between Thailand and the MWL based on mutual interests.

“He (Prayuth) hopes that the MWL secretary-general’s visit will further strengthen relations and understanding between Thailand and the Muslim world,” he said.

Thanakorn said Prayuth also expressed support on Saudi Arabia’s embracement of “moderate Islam”, and on interaction between people of different religious faiths.

“Prayuth also affirmed Thailand’s support for MWL’s endeavours, especially those that aim to promote humanitarian assistance in accordance with the Islamic principle, and that bridge interaction between people of diverse backgrounds which bring about peace, justice, and coexistence,” he said.

Meanwhile, Thanakorn said Prayuth and Al-Issa also discussed in a constructive manner Thailand’s southern border situation, on which the MWL secretary-general expressed readiness to support and assist in bringing peace and orderliness to the country.

He added that Al-Issa also commended Thailand for exemplifying a harmonious multicultural society with diverse and non-conflicting interactions.

The MWL chief is the first high-ranking visitor from Saudi Arabia to arrive in Thailand since the restoration of ties between the two kingdoms last month. Saudi Arabia downgraded its diplomatic relations with Bangkok in 1989.

In late January, Prayuth visited Riyadh on the invitation of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

“The MWL chief also expressed appreciation to the government’s policy which aims to promote interfaith dialogues, freedom of religion as well as harmony in the society.

MWL, established in 1962, is an Islamic non-governmental organisation based in Mecca with the role of clarifying the true message of Islam by advancing values that promote moderation, peace and tolerance.

Source: Nam News Network