Thailand – Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) Phaseout Project


Document Date:2014/04/02
Document Type:Project Appraisal Document
Report Number:80957
Volume No:1
Country:Thailand ; 
Disclosure Date:2014/11/03
Doc Name:Thailand – Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) Phaseout Project
Keywords:accessories, adverse environmental impacts, advertising, aerosol, Air, air conditioners, Alternative energy, Alternative energy Development, alternative technologies, alternative technology, best practice, capability, capacity building, capital investment, Carbon, carbon dioxide, Carbon Emission, carbon footprint, CFCs, chemicals, climate, Climate Change, climate change mitigation, co, CO2, codes, competitive prices, Competitiveness, Components, conditioner, conditioners, customs, cyclopentane, data reporting, developed countries, devices, economic analysis, economic impact, Electricity, electronics, Emission, emissions, energy efficiency, Engineering, environmental, Environmental Management, equipment, expenditures, external market, financial constraints, financial management, financial reports, financial resources, Financial support, flammability, flexible polyurethane, flood, foam, freeze, fuel, gases, general public, Global Environment Facility, global warming, global warming potential, GWP, HC, HCFC, HCFC 141, HCFC 141b, HFC, HFCs, hydrocarbon, hydrocarbons, Hydrochlorofluorocarbons, implementation period, implementing agencies, implementing agency, import quotas, information exchange, information systems, installation, installations, Institution, integral skin foam, IP, IPCC, license, licenses, manufacturing, marketing, material, Medium Enterprises, MONTREAL, MONTREAL PROTOCOL, Montreal Protocol Handbook, Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer, networks, new technologies, new technology, ODS, ODSs, OZONE, ozone depleting potential, ozone depleting substances, ozone depletion, patents, physical location, private investment, private sectors, procurement, producers, product development, production process, production processes, Project Management, propane, prototype, prototypes, quantitative analysis, refrigeration, refrigerator, refrigerators, regulatory framework, reliability, result, Results, retention, retrofitting, rigid polyurethane, sites, Social Development, solvents, storage facilities, supermarket, supervision, Sustainable Development, system design, targets, technical assistance, technical expertise, technical officer, technical officers, technical skills, technical support, technical training, technology transfer, temperature, thermodynamic properties, training workshops, translation, UNEP, users, uses, verification, website, websites
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Major Sector:Public Administration, Law, and Justice ; Industry and trade
Rel. Proj ID:TH-Thailand Hcfc Phaseout Project (Phase I) — P115761 ; 
Region:East Asia and Pacific ; 
Rep Title:Thailand – Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) Phaseout Project
Sector:Central government administration ; Other industry
Topics:Environment ; Private Sector Development ; Industry
SubTopics:Environmental Economics & Policies ; Montreal Protocol ; Climate Change Mitigation and Green House Gases ; E-Business ; Technology Industry
TF No/Name:TF016931-TH-HCFC Phaseout Project (BETF) ; TF016701-Thailand – HCFC Phaseout Project ; TF017120-TH-HCFC Phaseout Project (BETF for SPN) ; TF016884-Thailand HCFC Phaseout Project
Unit Owning:Envir & Nat. Res. – GP (GENDR)