Thailand Reports 129 Daily COVID-19 Deaths

BANGKOK, Thailand reported 129 daily COVID-19 deaths yesterday, as new single-day infections stood at 16,891.

Authorities are on high alert and urge the public to exercise safe distance measures, in expectation of a high case surge, as a result of recent travel activities during the Songkran holidays.

The health authorities expected COVID-19 cluster outbreaks, particularly in the following two to four weeks. In order to keep the hospitalisation rate low and prevent infection spikes, the government recommended people returning from their Songkran trips, to observe symptoms and keep working from home.

Under the light of uncertain new COVID-19 waves, the Thai government is scheduled later this week, to decide whether and how to further relax border restrictions, in order to attract more international tourists.

As of Monday, around 72.9 percent of Thailand’s nearly 70 million population had been fully vaccinated, while 36 percent had received booster shots.

Source: Nam News Network