Thailand Sees More Inbound Chinese Flights During Spring Festival

BANGKOK, Thailand is expected to welcome more Chinese flights during the Spring Festival, following China’s optimisation of the COVID-19 response, Thai transport authorities said yesterday.


From Jan 19 to Jan 25, 240 flights from China have been scheduled to arrive at Thailand’s four main international airports, Aeronautical Radio of Thailand (AEROTHAI) President, Nopasit Chakpitak, said in a statement.


A daily average of the expected incoming flights from China during the Chinese New Year period has increased to 34 from 18, in the regular flight schedule, Nopasit said.


The AEROTHAI expected a total of 1,160 inbound Chinese flights this month, as compared with 12,209 flights in Jan, 2019, before the pandemic, he said.


Thailand would see a gradual increase in the number of flights from China, particularly in the second half of this year, the statement said, adding that, flights between the two countries would be back to pre-pandemic levels next year.


Source: Nam News Network