Thailand’s Gen Y have an average of five sexual partners: Studies

One-thirds of Generation Y population of Thailand who were born between 1982-2005 are spending 77 percent of their incomes on food and many of them, both male and female, have an average of five sexual partners and have their first sexual experience at the age of 15.

The above findings are the result of the behavioral studies of health, economic and social aspects of three generations of population of Thailand conducted by the Population and Social Research Institute of Mahidol University and ThaiHealth.

The three generations are the Gen X who were born between 1961 and 1981 and there are about 23 million of them; Gen Y who numbers about 22 million and the Baby Boomers who were born between 1943-1960 and there are about 11.3 million of them.

The findings show 70-80 percent of the Baby Boomers married before 30 and most of them do not have income security when they grow old.

Gen X were born when the country opened up to invasion from foreign cultures and influences, so many of them married rather late or remain single. They have better income security, but tend to live a life of health risks with their easy-going sexual behavior, habitual smoking and drinking.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)