The assailant caused a disturbance in Nara, shooting a security guard at a teacher and killing 2.

Narathiwat, An assailant opened fire on a VOS officer while he was returning from his duty as a security guard for teachers, causing the death of two VOS officers at the entrance to Wat Sitthisan Pradit School, Ban Khok Yang, Phron Subdistrict, District. Tak Bai, Narathiwat Province The assailant opened fire on a VSO officer while returning from his duty as a security guard for a teacher, causing VSO Sonthaya Chaisit and VFS Amon Butthongbun to die at the scene, near the entrance of Wat Sitthisan Pradit School, M. .5 Ban Khok Yang, Phron Subdistrict, Tak Bai District, Narathiwat Province. The culprits rode 3 motorcycles, accompanied by 6 people, all armed. They shot at the teacher's security guard who was riding in two cars together, and shot at the motorcycle that was riding behind them. until the car lost control and fell down The assailant went in and shot again until two people died before taking two AK guns and a handgun belonging to the officer and fleeing. Meanwhile, last night, in the area of ??Ch o Airong District, Narathiwat Province, there were still criminals spraying paint on the road. Cha-Ai Rong-Irpayae Close to Samphanwittaya School It has the message "Independence, peace, Patani" and an Arabic message. Sprayed about 80 meters onto the road while officials inspected the scene this morning. There have been repeated explosions in the area. But there were no injuries. Source: Thai News Agency