The Prime Minister asks for encouragement for the last curve before the election.

Bangkok, May 10- The Prime Minister asks for the final round of encouragement from the people. Please understand the intention to work, even though there are still 2 years left, but there is "Pirapan" ready to carry on, repeating love for everyone in every region. and is ready to become Prime Minister if there is an MP to support

General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense as Chairman of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party Strategic Guidelines Committee Interview with Thai News Agency Regarding the campaign during the final curve, that in addition to the big speeches and travel to various points meet people and asking for votes from the public Please understand the intention of volunteering to work. and the intentions of the party, including asking for confidence Although there are 2 years left to work, there are people who can continue to work. Competing with others is Peeraphan Saliratwiphak, leader of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party who are trustworthy and have worked together by the previous has been working for a long time Not just coming to work Because he has been a consultant for quite a long time. Understand the work and know the problems well. Because we talked all the time what to do from now on, how to fix it, which has already been structured Many things that are still unsuccessful must continue to be solved.

Gen. Prayut said that he had love and goodwill for the whole country and thought that many people would understand what he had done for the country. What will you do next to make people happier? Then he thought that he would ask for encouragement from the people, affirming his love for people in every region and going to the area in every region. not only in the south

“I ask for encouragement from him. just as I encouraged him As if encouraging the whole life that came in 8 years, dedicated his whole life to him I don't want any favors from you. want you to do something for your country Paying tribute to your country That's all I want from him. Therefore, the outcome of the election will be as it should be. It depends on the people, ”said General Prayut.

For the case of the new generation who still don't quite understand the work. How to understand Gen. Prayut said it was a matter for the party leader to communicate. all groups of people understand but understands all groups of people, including the new generation But everything has to follow the rules. and will see that there has been a movement and there is a problem mostly children But I believe there is someone behind it. which when the problem is not taken care of Therefore, please don't let your children have to take risks like this again, whether it's wrong or right, they should find a way to talk to each other. in the right legal way Confirm that you do not want Punish anyone and don't want to hurt anyone, but must take good care of your children.

When asked whether the results of the election will come out, if there are MPs ready to support him as Prime Minister Will still be in office, yes or no? “It must be like that. If he chooses us to come in, we have to work for him. If he doesn't choose, why do it? Can we do it? But if he chooses, we have to do it. But I can say that I love everyone. no matter who likes or dislikes me who will hate me But I have to love him because he is Thai in Thailand. Standing together today, how can we quarrel? The situation around the house today has problems. The joint region also has problems. Then we quarreled among ourselves. What will it bring? Didn't get anything, so please leave it as well. Please trust the leader of my party.” Gen. Prayut Said.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency