The Sino-American Mobile Internet Symposium Ended Successfully

The Sino-American Internet Opens a New Era of Mobile Applications

SANTA CLARA, Calif., January 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — On January 10, the Sino-American mobile Internet symposium and Global Creative APP Development Competition (GCAC) Silicon Valley summit was held in Silicon Valley successfully. This Silicon Valley activity is co-hosted by IDG and Shenzhen Longgang TianAn Cyber Park, which is one of the best platforms to promote Sino-American communication of the mobile Internet industry and promote industry development. In the meantime, as the continuation of GCAC activity in 2014, this Silicon Valley tour means that competitions in 2014 came to a successful end and GCAC 2015 is formally launched simultaneously. GCAC is co-hosted by IDG and Sina, fully supported by MIADA and USDA, and planned to be shared worldwide by taking China and the U.S. as pivots, which has attracted global excellent mobile Internet enterprises, especially individuals, groups and enterprises of APP development to participate in it.

Brilliant competitions of 2014 and the flourishing Sino-American mobile Internet symposium added splendor to the whole activity. It is worth mentioning that this activity achieved video and audio connections, on-site interaction and synchronous communication, and made the attending people listen to the most controversial views and frontier thoughts for first time.

After the welcoming speech by Jennifer Xu, IDG’s vice president of Asia, former Speaker pro Temp of California Fiona Ma, who is currently on the state board of equalization, and District Mayor of Longgang District Shenzhen Feng Xianxue were respectively present at the Silicon Valley and Shenzhen sites and made speeches representing governments, which provided the most powerful support and recognition for the activity and the mobile Internet industry. In the speech, Feng Xianxue pointed out the significance of the "Sino-American interconnection:" "Silicon Valley is the top innovation and entrepreneurship base worldwide, Shenzhen has a complete industry chain of advanced manufacturers, and therefore they can complement each other’s advantages." Shangyan Mo, Executive Vice President of TianAn Cyber Park Group, gave a speech during the event. He said that he hoped Silicon Valley can be made to be a high-end innovation platform between the U.S. and China, and the latest frontier information of science and technology from both sides can be published on this platform to truly achieve interconnection of the most cutting-edge technologies, talents, information and capitals.

Numerous attended industrial leaders and giant enterprise management layers shared their successful experiences and the newest research results. Ira Ehrenpreis, Board Director of Tesla, Shawn Shen, TV Director of Google Android, Li Quinn, Vice President of Qualcomm, Wang Jiping, IDC Director, and other people gave speeches successively, and conducted a "zero distance" interaction across the Pacific Ocean with high layers and hundreds of insiders of Huawei, ZTE and more. At the Shenzhen venue, Ira expressed clearly: "China is the market we are very concerned about and this will affect success of our company." In fact, during the development of the mobile Internet, developing countries including China are contributing. With the scientific and technological development of these countries, not only will their broad markets get attention, their local technological innovations are also accepted in developed countries.

At the interactive salon link on-site, Jassica Zhang, in charge of production development at Facebook, Shawn Shen, Former President of SVC Wireless and Developer Platform, currently with Android TV at Google, Li Quinn, Qualcomm VP, Song Liuping, Vice President of Huawei, Zhang Yunfei, manufacturing informatization General Manager of ZTE, and Pu Ji, President of Shenzhen Bo source de e-commerce Co., Ltd respectively represented China and Silicon Valley to conduct view confrontation across time and space. At the dialogue link, audiences and guests of both sides asked questions mutually and pushed the activity to a new high. This activity also showed that China is getting rid of the ideological restraint of an "atypical Silicon Valley" gradually. In the mobile Internet industry, it is not only accepted by the market, but will meanwhile have a great effect on product innovation and ideas and thoughts.

In addition, the strategic signing ceremony between GCAC and Longgang TianAn Cyber Park was conducted. Jia Changsheng, Shenzhen Investment Promotion Deputy Commissioner, An Weibin, Vice General Manager of Payment Business Division, Wostore, China Unicom, Zhang Yu, Vice President of BOE, Sunny Gao, Business Development Officer of North American Representative Office of Shenzhen, Victor Wang, President of China Silicon Valley, Marilyn Librers, Executive Director of China Silicon Valley and more attend the conference. The sponsors IDG and TianAn Cyber Park expressed that they will continue to focus on establishing a communication platform of the mobile Internet industry. The forum across time and space between Shenzhen and the Silicon Valley will become the normal status to help domestic innovative entrepreneurs to share frontier information from the Silicon Valley for first time.

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