The Standards and Concepts of International Purchasers Picking Chinese Vendors

SHANGHAI, September 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Under the background of the new international division of labor, the global competition for Chinese manufacturers is becoming increasingly fierce. So it’s believed that, in the new-era international trade, how to maximize advantages and earn the favor from purchasers is the uppermost concern for every exporting manufacturer.

As a proven one-stop foreign trade solution provider, Firstinfo Intelligence Co., Ltd. ( has 10-year experience in serving international purchasers and Chinese exporting manufacturers. Regarding on how Chinese enterprises get attention from international clients effectively, we made a phone call to interview Mr. Bellamy Leon (from a US based purchaser, successfully reached cooperation with a Chinese supplier through Firstinfo Intelligence ( and Ms. Nana He (from a French intermediate agency).

Interview Records as Below

Bellamy Leon: I was born in Ohio, but actually, my mother is Chinese. About four years ago, I came back to China as a purchaser and began to do business with Chinese manufacturers. The first priority for us is trust before any move of subsequent process. And I found that choosing the right suppliers was really a tough issue. As trying to find the qualified Chinese exporters on the Internet, what we found was all those similar enterprise introductions, similar products display, and similar trading volume requirements, etc. It made us really hard to choose. So, from the given information sources, the approach to pick an appropriate supplier became a major problem for us.

I was accidentally aware of Firstinfo Intelligence ( and their trade promotion solution tool, TradeFBI ( It empowers us to know not only the Chinese suppliers who’re doing business with American or other international purchasers, but also detailed trading information. These objective data helps us to screen out the suppliers much more efficiently.

Traditionally, trade promotion for Chinese enterprises used to focus on domestic, although the target market is overseas. Now we can see a good sign that they’re promoting in America and the effect is pretty well. There was a Chinese manufacturer, which I heard of, but never cooperated with. One day I got an email from them, mentioned that we could learn more about them from the releases on Yahoo. It is the release that I learned about their developing history, products R&D capabilities and their quality control ideas. I find it’s amazing, because I never catch similar news about Chinese manufacturers on international media. So I shared it with my colleagues immediately, and even organized a meeting to analyze this company specially. Just like me, my colleagues had a good impression on it just because of this release, and then, we began to approach them and negotiate detailed orders and prices. It’s nailed down pretty soon.

According to my knowledge, for nowadays Chinese companies’ business promotion, you should not only let your potential partners know your company’s name, but also the sound reputation; not only in China, but also overseas to gain purchasers’ favor and trust. This is the very effective and proven international marketing concept.

Nana He: Our clients are EU local importers. With the increasing competition these years, they’re eager to find more qualified Chinese vendors. Our job is to find the most suitable ones, however, this seemingly simple job becomes very hard just relying on public information on the Internet.

I once worked in China for a while and got access to the trade promotion solution tool, Trade FBI ( of Firstinfo Intelligence. The detailed trading records and the supplier & purchaser directory is very helpful to me, so I decided to keep using it. With the advantage of language and geography, it’s relatively easy for us to get the trust from French and EU purchasers and then the final partnership. Meanwhile, we use database of Firstinfo Intelligence ( to screen out qualified vendors and build our own alternative list. After that, we search suppliers’ background information on the Internet. It’ll give us a very different favorable impression if there’s some positive news about them on many EU media. With this, the vendor gets bigger chances for a deeper communication.

Taking a case study we contributed for example, the purchaser is giving more orders to their Chinese supplier, although the manufacturer is a kind of small sized one. I have to say, the vendor is so ordinary and has no special advantages on their products nor quotation. It shouldn’t have been so fast to get the orders. So I bet effective communications of our colleagues in Paris played a big role. Besides, the vendor’s press release on EU media is so significant to earn the favorable impression and trust from the purchaser.

One of the EU purchasers told me, “It’ll definitely influence our choice if we find a company as the first one publishing news on the international mainstream media, like Holland Times Union and Reuters, etc. For us, relatively, trust is always more important than price, so we take trust as the basis of cooperation with any partner.”


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