Three rescue workers killed as they were tending to an accident victim

Three rescue workers were killed and six other people, including another rescue worker, were injured when a speeding pick-up truck rammed into them as they were attending to an injured motorcyclist.

The fatal accident took place on Trang-Klong Teng road in Muang district of Trang province at about 1.30 am on Sunday.

A surviving rescue worker of Klong Teng told the media that he and four colleagues rushed to the scene of an accident involving a motorcyclist near a bridge in Tambon Klong Teng. They were later joined by two more colleagues who arrived in a motorcycle.

But as they were tending to the injured biker by the roadside, a speeding pickup truck rammed into them, said the survivor, adding that he was lucky as he dived for safety in time.

However, three of his colleagues were crushed to death at the scene.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)