Tiger Corporation to Launch JPX-A “Takitate” Clay Pot Pressure IH Rice Cooker and Warmer

– Multifunctional Rice Cooker Preparing Delicious, Plump Rice Using “Authentic Premium Clay Pot + Large Clay Oven” Dual Heating Design –

KADOMA, Japan, Jan. 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Tiger Corporation announced on January 7 that it will release the JPX-A clay pot pressure IH rice cooker and warmer on January 10. It uses an authentic premium clay inner pot made with the same clay as real Japanese "donabe" pots and comes equipped with a variable double pressure mechanism.

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Development Background

The scale of the Chinese rice cooker market is vast, with some 37 million units in service. The number of purchasers who desire high-quality, well-designed Japanese rice cookers is growing annually. In response to the needs of people in China looking for a more refined lifestyle and who have increasingly refined tastes regarding the rice they eat, Tiger Corporation is releasing the JPX-A rice cooker. The JPX-A offers high added value made possible by Japanese quality and the technology and knowhow which Tiger Corporation has cultivated over the past 90 years since its founding with the goal of providing its customers with the deliciousness, joy, and fun rice has to offer. In addition, Tiger Corporation has added menu options to the JPX-A not available in Japan in order to meet the needs of Chinese lifestyles.

Product Features

– Painstakingly Triple Fired Authentic Premium Clay Inner Pot

The authentic premium clay inner pot produces delicious rice every time, and is made with carefully selected clay and triple fire. The first firing is conducted between 1,200 and 1,300 C. Next, a glaze is applied and a second firing is conducted at 1,000 C. Lastly, the IH heating element is added and the third and final firing is conducted. Only after this triple firing process will the authentic premium clay inner pot be complete. In order to maintain uniform precision, we monitor daily atmospheric temperature and humidity fluctuations and adjust the temperature of our furnaces. The techniques of master ceramic craftsmen are used to assess these minute temperature adjustments.

In addition, the rim of the authentic premium clay inner pot uses a slightly narrowed "bottling" design. This produces heat convection which in turn creates a "heat cover" effect between the lid of the main body of the cooker and the inner pot, ensuring heat is applied efficiently and evenly to rice.

-"Authentic Clay Pot + Large Clay Oven" Dual Heating Design

The dual heating design features a large clay oven and an authentic clay inner pot which generates powerful lateral IH heating and prevents heat from escaping, ensuring a vast amount of heat is applied to rice evenly from every direction.

-Authentic premium clay pot:

Uses "bottling" design to generate heat convection

-Large clay oven:

Applies heat evenly and efficiently to the entire pot; Tiger’s unique clay oven, which surrounds the authentic premium clay inner pot, is now even larger.

This large clay oven generates IH heat and transmits it directly to the authentic clay inner pot.

-Variable Double Pressure Design Produces Perfect Springy, Sticky Rice

 The JPX-A starts by cooking rice at pressure of 1.25 atm, giving the rice the perfect degree of suppleness and stickiness. In the latter phase of cooking, pressure is dropped to 1.05 atm and the rice is finished at 280 C, producing rice that is plump, springy and delicious to the last grain.

– Motion Sensor and Touch Panel Make Operation a Breeze

The JPX-A is equipped with a motion sensor and a touch panel that lights up and displays information when a user approaches. This enables simple and easy operation – a light touch on the responsive panel is all that is needed. The JPX-A’s audio guide also confirms the user input.

-"My Tuning" Feature Adjusts Rice Cooking

The JPX-A comes equipped with the "My Tuning" feature, allowing users to select their preferred stickiness level according to a rice variety or other factors. Simply press the "Rice Texture" button to select a texture anywhere from "Hard" to "Soft" and the JPX-A does the rest.

-New Menu Options Meet Chinese Users’ Needs

–Set cooking time with "Porridge" menu

Rice porridge is a staple dish in China. Users can set the cooking time to reach their preferred tenderness.

–"Sushi" menu produces the perfect rice for making sushi

Japanese food has been hugely popular in China for many years. Sushi is particularly popular and the JPX-A makes it easy to create the hard rice which goes best with sushi, at home.

–"Slow Cook" menu makes it easy to cook with the JPX-A

The JPX-A is equipped with a "Slow Cook" menu which makes it simple to cook a variety of authentic meals, even difficult-to-cook dishes such as "samgyetang" soup.

About Tiger Corporation

Headquarters: Kadoma City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Capital: 80 million Japanese yen
President: Yoshisato Kikuchi
URL: http://www.tiger-corporation.cn