Toon aims to reach destination Mae Sai on December 25

As Toon Bodyslam kicked off his Day 44 run from Kamphaeng Phet province early Thursday for Tak, he intended to increase daily running distance so that he can reach the final destination in Mae Sai on December 25.

Toon started at 3.00am from Srinakorn patrol station in Klong Khlung district of Kamphaeng Phet.

He intended to cover 60.3 kilometre distance today, a longer distance from yesterday's 22.3 kilometres.

His team coordinator said Toon wanted to run further distance today because the next provinces he is heading for in Tak, Lampang, Phayao and Chiang Rai, are all slope roads, thus affecting the running speed.

The team cited the slopes of the road to Lampang which it said will slow down the run to just 10 kilometres for a set of running.

So the team has to cover as longer distance as possible.

So far the charity run has raised 805 million baht and has covered 1,672 kilometres from the total 2,191 kilometres.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)