Traces of sea turtles laying eggs found on Koh Racha island

Phuket � For the first time in ten years, footprints of sea turtles have been found on Koh Racha island of this island resort province, leading to the belief that they have come up to lay eggs, said marine and coastal resources officials.

The officials, from the 6th Marine and Coastal Resources Management Office, said on July 14 that traces of large sea turtles were found on the island. The traces showed the turtles had dug holes in the sand before covering them them up.

They used a rope to cordon off the spots where the turtle traces were found to further determine their types.

The officials said sea turtles had not come up to lay eggs on Koh Racha for the past ten years, despite the fact that the island had previously been their egg-laying ground.

The holes dug by turtles would be examined in one or two days to see if there were any eggs in them. If eggs were found, they would be brought to be hatched because if they were left on the beach they could be hit by sea waves and rot, said the officials.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)