Two Indonesians named suspect in human trafficking case

The Sukabumi police has finally named two Indonesians as suspects in an alleged case of human smuggling.

"Based on investigations into the role of two Indonesian nationals, it was found that 34-year-old ER from Cidaun district and 32-year-old TO from Kalideres district, West Jakarta, attempted to smuggle five illegal immigrants from Bangladesh to Australia through the Sukabumi waters, Palampang shore, Ciemas regency to be exact," said Head of Sukabumi Police Criminal Enforcement, Gilang Prasetya, in Sukabumi, West Java, on Wednesday.

His team seized 40 million rupiahs and 5 cellphones from both the suspects, each of whom played a particular role in this scam. ER acted as a fisherman, responsible for finding a boat to transfer the immigrants and ensure they reached.

TO acted as a travel broker who guided and assisted illegal immigrants reaching Palampang beach. During the operation to nab them, an illegal immigrant and an Indonesian national managed to escape, while four asylum seekers were arrested.

"Both the suspects admitted that they planned to take the asylum seekers to the Christmas Island. As of now, we are investigating whether they were involved with a human smuggling network, or if there are other possibilities," he informed.

Gilang disclosed that his team was still trying to track down those who had escaped during the operation on Monday, June 27, around 9:25 pm, from a villa in the Ciemas district.

Both the suspects could be charged under the law governing immigration, and may face the prospect of spending five years behind bars as well having to pay 500 million rupiah fine.

Meanwhile, Sukabumi Immigration Control spokesperson Ferizal noted that his team would continue to investigate thoroughly the four Bangladeshis caught from the Palampang beach.

"We are still receiving information from these illegal immigrants. So far, we do not have plans to deport them as investigations were still on," he added.

Source: Antara News