TYIN Group CEO Anthony Tsang and Asian Model Association Signed Agreement to Promote the Silk Road

BEIJING, November 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — In the much-loved Chinese legend, Journey to the West, Monkey’s superpowers included far sight but even he couldn’t have foreseen what took place on September 29, 2014: TYIN Group CEO Anthony Tsang and Asian Model Association, signed an agreement to promote the Silk Road.

TYIN Group CEO Anthony Tsang and Asian Model Association Signed Agreement to Promote the Silk Road

During the ceremony, held at the DiaoYuTai State Guesthouse which only cater for foreign VIP/Diplomat and attended by more than 200 guests and about 100 media representatives, TYIN Group’s Tsang said the Glorious Silk Road’s top priority is to restore the ancient route’s historical, economic and cultural significance.

The name “Silk Road” is a bit of a misnomer: it is a series of trade and cultural transmission routes that were central to integration from China to Europe. TheSilk Road began to be travelled during the Han dynasty about 2,000 years ago, and brought the highly prized silk and Chinese inventions such as silk-weaving to the wider world. The route was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage list in June this year.

The Glorious Silk Road project, a collaboration between apps company TYIN Group and the Asian Model Association, aims to help revive the region in line with a 2013 proposal made by Chinese leaders in Kazakhstan, for the establishment of a New Silk Road economic belt. The Chinese Ministry of Culture has said China is planning to promote cultural ties with countries along the route in sectors such as entertainment, tourism, hotels and restaurants, and cultural heritage.

The Glorious Silk Road’s plans include the making of documentaries exploring the civilisations, cultures, costumes, arts and majestic landscapes along the ancient routes. But it’s not all past glories. Other programmes are contemporary and divided into four broad categories: beauty, fashion, future and dreams.

“Beauty” will look at everything lovely in China, from its art to its landscapes, with active participation through art, photography and beauty contests. Silk was the reason the route came into being so “fashion” offers the best of China’s fashion designers today, their creations and other related criteria. Cultural exchanges come under the “future” banner, with children the emphasis here, as the future representatives of the nation. And “dream”, of course, will highlight everything Chinese, from its culture to its international image.

TYIN Group, which develops mobile internet social networking app products and services, says the Glorious Silk Road campaign is in line with its corporate and social responsibility. The company has a mobile gamification social application, known as the DUIMIAN, which focuses on providing mobile game and social integration entertainment platforms to meet the entertainment needs of users worldwide.

And once again, technology, inventions, ideas, capital and culture will flow between China and the world, this time on Xi’s New Silk Road.

Besides TYIN Group and the Asian Model Association, this project also has the support of several organisations, from the China World National Culture Promotion Society to the Zhongguancun Universal Fashion Creation Industry Association to the Asian Fashion Association.

So, if Monkey were to embark on a new journey to the west, he and his master Xuanzang, and fellow disciples Piggy and Sandy, would be amazed by the reincarnated New Silk Road.

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