Unofficial lanes at Indonesia-Malaysia border area already closed

Putussibau, W Kalimantan, Dec 16 (ANTARA News) - Five unofficial small lanes at the Indonesia-Malaysia border area in the West Kalimantan Provincial district of Kapuas Hulu have been officially closed.

The closure of unofficial small lanes locally called "rat lanes" was carried out by using excavators on Sunday at 11:30 a.m. local time in an effort to prevent smuggling practices from both Malaysia and Indonesia, the task force commander of the two countries border area Lt.Col. Imam Wicaksana said when contacted here on Sunday.

"The closure of the rat lanes is our response to the rampant smugglings of drugs and other illegal goods," Imam explained.

He further said if the illegal smuggling is not prevented, this would be very detrimental to the state and the Indonesian people particularly in the economic sector.

Imam expressed hope that the closure of rat lanes can reduce the illegal activities on the border areas, and it would no longer threat to the economic independence of the community.

In the meantime, deputy Kapuas Hulu District Antonius L Ain Pamero said, the closure of the rat lanes was a history as it was the first time that the illegal border crossing lanes could be closed for the common interest.

Source: ANTARA News