Upgrading the Standards of Rubber Inner Tubes for Motorcycles and Mopeds

The Cabinet, during its meeting on 8 September 2020, approved a ministerial regulation requiring the production of rubber inner tubes for motorcycles and mopeds to be up to the standards set by the Ministry of Industry.

In this regard, manufacturers and importers of motorcycle and moped inner tubes must apply for a license to manufacture and import these products. They must show a logo indicating the standards of their products, as well.

The ministerial regulation aims to provide safety for consumers and promote the development of the standards of rubber inner tubes for motorcycles and mopeds. Another objective is to prevent imports of substandard rubber inner tubes.

During the Cabinet meeting, the Ministry of Commerce recommended that public relations campaigns be carried out among manufacturers, importers, and distributors of rubber inner tubes for motorcycles and mopeds before the ministerial regulation becomes effective.

The Cabinet instructed the Ministry of Industry to consider the recommendations offered by the Ministry of Commerce. The ministerial regulation on the issue has been forwarded to the Office of the Council of State for screening.


Source: The Government Public Relations Department