Uproar over senior Thai civil servant’s treatment of junior official

The student club of the Faculty of Political Science at Chulalongkorn University has demanded the resignation of Interior Permanent Secretary Suttipong Juljarern, as president of the Association of Chulalongkorn Political Science Alumni, over a recent incident in which he allegedly insulted and humiliated a junior official during a meeting of interior officials.


The incident, which was broadcast live via Zoom from the Interior Ministry to other provinces, has also been widely shared on social media, resulting in a backlash against Suttipong.


In an open letter, dated December 30th and addressed to Suttipong, the student club said that it is very concerned over the attitude of Suttipong to junior officials under his command, which they describe as discriminatory and dehumanising.


For the sake of the Political Science Faculty of Chulalongkorn University, to be a role model for society and to produce quality graduates to serve society, the student club is demanding Suttipong consider his position as the president of the alumni association.


Some of the insults Suttipong aimed at the junior official during the meeting included calling him “Stupid” and “As dumb as a buffalo.”


Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service