Uthen Thawai asks the Prime Minister to set up a three-party committee to solve the problem.

House, "Uthen Thawai" requests the Prime Minister to set up a three-party committee to solve the problem. By asking to adhere to the royal wishes For use only in technical education business In the book it states Please consider setting up a committee. to support drafting Raise academic status to promote and support the development of the royal land where Uthen Thawai is located to have the potential to be ready to support the development of all knowledge. and modern science related to construction in the present era To be ready for economic development Society and the environment which are beneficial to the people and the nation until it is visible to the general world society. I would like to consider ordering Uthen to offer it. Have the right to manage teaching and learning. and developing places to support further education to receive support from the national budget But there is an independent management system. Freedom and flexibility Higher quality higher education can be provided. Taking into acco unt independence and academic excellence which is directly supervised and supported by government educational agencies However, there must be no conditions for the development of Uthenthawai Educational Institution to be subject to the obligation of claiming rights or ownership of land from the Chulalongkorn University juristic person in order to delay or suspend it. On the grounds that the disputed land is public property of the state. Dedicated by the royal wishes of His Majesty King Rama VI. which has only a small fraction of the land owned by the Chulalongkorn University juristic person. But there are problems in translating the royal intention which is different from the history in order to make it belong to a juristic person. The people of Uthenthawai therefore have a necessity. By requesting justice for His Majesty the King of the current reign to have a royal decision on this issue as well, and to alleviate His Majesty's burden. Uthen people asked for the Prime Minister, the Cabinet and the Speake r of the House of Representatives. including government agencies related to the education system Please continue to focus on the benefits of education. To be used as a location for the study of construction techniques only. In order to comply with the royal wishes of His Majesty King Mongkut Klao By coming to settle the problem of taking disputed land which is public property of the land with a specific purpose for education, which is the location of the Uthen Thawai Construction School to be owned by a juristic person, Chulalongkorn University which can be used for commercial or personal benefit of any kind By registering the title deed of the disputed land as public property of the state. For public use only as a location for educational institutions. and issue important documents for the royal residence and prepare a register of public land in accordance with the form prescribed by law. Please cancel the order. Suspend the order or not issue the order There is no transfer of Uthen Thawai students to stud y elsewhere. Refrain from accepting new students Including the transfer of teachers, professors, personnel, and staff. to be stationed elsewhere and request that a letter be issued appointing a committee to drive the operation and comply with the demands. by appointing a three-party committee same proportion There is a chairman and a third party committee made up of outsiders who have no conflict of interest. or it can be expected that there will be benefits and losses to the parties and specify a concrete completion schedule.-314 Source: Thai News Agency